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!! OMG, catching up with: Chris Crocker !!

Since issuing his famous “Leave Britney Alone” rallying cry, Chris Crocker has evolved into an altogether different interpretation of the blonde-mopped, pink-lipped boy we saw on YouTube. In this video, V Magazine takes a look at Crocker now, diving into his Tennessee upbringing and his new-found porn career.

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    Wow, he is a very handsome man when looking like a man!

    bait and switch? i didnt hear nothin about no porn in this!

    Good for him for talking about things. But 24? Come ON. Maybe 34. In any case, I hope he does what makes him happy!

    The one thing that hasn’t changed is that he’s still incredibly self-indulgent, self-obsessed and incredibly annoying…

    This little girl just needs to GO AWAY. She ain’t no one special; and she definitely ain’t no PORN STAR just cause she was “discovered” by my fairy porn mother; Chi Chi LaRue. Get real people.

    Im from Bristol Tn as well and the reason Chris got bullied is because he showed his ass. He isnt the only gay person within a 100miles…the rest of us managed pretty well and kept our distance from him…he is nothing but trouble.

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