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!! OMG, catching up with: Chris Crocker !!

Since issuing his famous “Leave Britney Alone” rallying cry, Chris Crocker has evolved into an altogether different interpretation of the blonde-mopped, pink-lipped boy we saw on YouTube. In this video, V Magazine takes a look at Crocker now, diving into his Tennessee upbringing and his new-found porn career.




    Im from Bristol Tn as well and the reason Chris got bullied is because he showed his ass. He isnt the only gay person within a 100miles…the rest of us managed pretty well and kept our distance from him…he is nothing but trouble.

    This little girl just needs to GO AWAY. She ain’t no one special; and she definitely ain’t no PORN STAR just cause she was “discovered” by my fairy porn mother; Chi Chi LaRue. Get real people.

    The one thing that hasn’t changed is that he’s still incredibly self-indulgent, self-obsessed and incredibly annoying…

    Good for him for talking about things. But 24? Come ON. Maybe 34. In any case, I hope he does what makes him happy!

    bait and switch? i didnt hear nothin about no porn in this!

    Wow, he is a very handsome man when looking like a man!

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