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!! OMG, gossip: Justin Bieber wants you to know he's all grown up !!


OMG, read the best parts of Justin Bieber's surprising interview with GQ [evil beet]

An elegant new look for Ke$ha? You'll have to see it to believe it [huffpost]

Terminator 3 actor Nick Stahl is missing... so someone better get into the future and find him [dlisted]

OMG, Brazilian model Felipe Alencar in his underwear (you're welcome) [kenneth]

Mila Jovovich as Marilyn Monroe looks a whole lot more like Amanda Lepore, whoops [oh la la]

The Office writer and actress Mindy Kaling has her own show coming to FOX, so look out for The Mindy Project this fall [popbytes]

OMG, these photos of Taylor Swift And Dianna Agron (or maybe just their dresses) are straight out of 1994 [socialite life]

Take a moment fondly remember (but not fondle) John Travolta's top 10 career moments [celebrity cafe]

Jessica Alba told Marie Claire she often feels "objectified" and "uncomfortable" as an actress, despite, you know, being an objectified actress on the cover of Marie Claire... [amy grindhouse]

OMG, is Clue the best movie ever? (Answer: Yes) [after elton]

Just in case you're in need, this bird can teach you how to Dougie [double viking]

Which member of Swiss Lips would you most like to Swiss kiss? [arjan]

Sources are now reporting that Raven Symone is lesbian and living with her girlfriend -- that's so great! [allie]

W magazine styled Tom Cruise with a nipple tattoo and other pseudo-rock star trappings (including a torso-licking blonde model) [celebitchy]

Thanks to Virgin Atlantic, now you can send in-flights sexts [joe]

Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron used the "Snow White and the Huntsman" London premiere to prove who wears a sheer dress the best [tabloid prodigy]

OMG, gossip: Adele's 'Skyfall' song hits the Internet
OMG, gossip: Why doubles diving is the best thing ever
OMG, gossip: Lindsay Lohan pulled out of her Barbara Walters interview
OMG, gossip: Justin Bieber is all blown up
OMG gossip: The world's most expensive poo

» posted by Phillip on Wednesday, May 16, 2012
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