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!! OMG, gossip: Marky Mark and the 'Jersey Shore' kids have something in common !!


Even with a buffer body than most 40-year-olds, Mark Wahlberg brings out his definition with a good ol' fashioned spray tan [dlisted]

OMG, meet Jessica Simpson's daughter, Maxwell (plus Jessica's crazy Photoshopped face!) [huffpost]

'Book of Mormon' hottie Andrew Rannells wants the world to know: He's gay. Um, duh? [kenneth]

OMG, JC Penney goes gay! [towleroad]

You don't need athletic skill to be an American Olympian -- you just need a sick Olympian body [oh la la]

OMG, are there even 10 funny things about HBO's Veep? [celebrity cafe]

Maybe there wasn't enough night vision in their sex life, because DJ AfroJack has dumped Paris Hilton [popbytes]

Kristen Stewart thinks sex tapes are for fame whores -- and she's right (see: above) [amy grindhouse]

OMG who's prettier in this Interview magazine shoot: Kristen Stewart or Charlize Theron? [the berry]

If you thought David Beckham was delicious on the cover of British Elle, just wait till you see him here [socialite life]

OMG, just in time for her upcoming tour: Madonna's greatest career missteps [after elton]

If your Memorial Day cookouts didn't include a dart board, you were doing it wrong [double viking]

OMG, Ellie Goulding gets her cover on for The Weeknd's "High For This" [arjan]

Would you pull a Kourtney Kardashian and end a relationship over your guy's criminal family's past? [allie]

Proving that she's still the hottest piece around, Sharon Stone snagged herself a 27-year-old model boyfriend [celebitchy]

OMG, Amanda Lepore's facelift gets some airtime in a car commercial [joe]

What are the chances that Jeremy Piven is angling to play late infomercial kingpin Billy Mays? Only the beard will tell... [tabloid prodigy]

OMG, gossip: New Kristen Stewart cheating details
OMG, gossip: Justin Bieber wants you to know he's all grown up
OMG, gossip: Kristen Stewart is sorry she cheated on RobPat
OMG, gossip: The plot thickens for K-Stew and R-Pat
OMG, gossip: 'Jersey Shore' is about to get gayer

» posted by Phillip on Wednesday, May 30, 2012
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