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!! OMG, his butt: Anton Hysén !!

Anton Hysen4.jpg
Anytime a man is naked that’s a good thing. But when a guy uses his bare butt to raise money for people in need, well, that’s even better. Anton Hysén, the out Swedish footballer, is auctioning off the butt-tastic, NSFW photo after the jump to raise money for a gay rights group in Russia. Be a helper and buy it, won’t you?

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    i could eat his bubble ass….

    big ass

    He couldn’t have chosen to make a hotter face? Looks kind of confused.

    A hairy butt it is! Love it!

    I would eat it

    hot. too bad being hungarian he.s uncut

    Nice ass – and NOT waxed! Seems the world is able to lean after all 🙂

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