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!! OMG, his butt: Craig Stott !!

As if you needed another excuse to love Australia, adorable Aussie actor Craig Stott bares his bum for a beach scene in the TV series East of Everything.
Check out the NSFW stills of Stott stripping down on the sand after the jump.

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    needs time to buff up…!

    It’s a really cute butt whatever his name is!

    Thanks for the correction, Tim! I have faith in Australian TV that they wouldn’t air a a scene featuring any underage nudity. Is that crazy of me?

    His name is Craig STOTT. S-T-O-T-T. Not “Scott”.
    He turned 18 during the filming of the series. So, depending on when these were taken, you could be looking at an under-age boy’s bum.

    What butt?

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