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!! OMG, it's coming to New York: 'Express Yourself' !!


OMG, New Yorkers! You are all lucky to have the opportunity to see Sean O'Neill and Liz Peterson's fantastic and intimate performance piece Express Yourself later this month at the Incubator Arts Project. We saw the show last summer and everyone we know was talking about it for weeks after.

In this rigorous piece about the dynamics of performance, performer Liz Peterson and director Sean O'Neill explore the limits of media and form. Weaving together dance, personal confessions, synchronized video, and a pop sensibility, Express Yourself is a stylized depiction of a performance in progress. The show is framed by a virtuosic performance by Peterson, who navigates the ever-shifting boundaries of the work with disarming vulnerability and charisma. Winner of the 2011 Jury Prize for Risk and Innovation at SummerWorks, Canada's largest juried theatre festival.

Express Yourself
Created by Sean O'Neill and Liz Peterson
In Collaboration with Ame Henderson

Incubator Arts Project, New York
May 24 - 27
Tickets: $18 (purchase here)

Watch the Express Yourself trailer after the jump.

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» posted by Frank on Monday, May 14, 2012
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