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!! OMG, new record for superhero movies: ‘Marvel’s The Avengers’ !!

With only one night of showings, “Marvel’s The Avengers” is already the biggest superhero movie yet made. Midnight showings around the country grossed $18.7 million, Disney is saying, which makes it not only the biggest superhero midnight debut of all time, but the eighth best in any genre. The flood of cash coming the studio’s way this weekend will no doubt break records, too, (despite Scarlett Johansson‘s utter lack of acting ability).
(via HuffPost)




    Scarlett is a fantastic actress, I doubt this film will require much of her talent though.

    …and we care because…???
    I’m not quite sure exactly WHY I still bother visiting this site, since — sorry, Phillip — you’ve arrived.

    This is the first movie where I honestly didn’t mind Scarlett’s acting…she didn’t do horrible…or maybe I was just too distracted by Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans’ hotness.

    The Avengers was released in Australia on April 25th (a national public holiday – ANZAC Day) and it made $AUD6 million on that one day, and just under $AUD20 million in it’s first week. Now take in to account that Australia has a population of 22 million, that total is amazing.

    Well, I’m just glad that I am not the only one who thinks Ms.ScarJo is talentless. I still don’t understand how she managed to get a star on the Hollywood walk-of-fame.

    What exactly was wrong with Scarlet? I thought she did great. I loved her character.
    Fantastic film.

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