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!! OMG, their butts: Josh Buscher and Andy Mills for Broadway Bares Solo Strips !!

While we have to wait until June 17 for Broadway Bares’ big night — called “Happy Endings” this year — the hot-bodied dancerfest kicked off this week with Broadway Bares Solo strips, where individual dancers took to the stage for a spotlight on all their nakedest parts.
In the NSFW videos after the jump, Josh Buscher (pictured above) and Andy Mills both show off their cah-razy hot butts in performances at NYC’s latest gay Mecca, XL.

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    The song is criminal intent, Robyn
    Let the record reflect that I don’t have any priors.
    Alert the authorites I got Criminal Intent

    Whats the song playing that he’s dancing too???

    Second video was too hot for YouTube. Already taken down. Hope it gets posted somewhere else.

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