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!! OMG, wardrobe mistake: Christina Aguilera’s backless number !!

!! omg blog !! buddy Zachary snapped this photo of Christina Aguilera on his TV during The Voice finale last night. You can’t exactly call this a “wardrobe malfunction” since I think her outfit is all in one piece, but yikes. Click to enlarge!




    Someone must have thrown water on that witch because it looks like she’s melting.

    Yep, it’s too tight and she is splurging out of her dress…But I still love her and I still think she is looking AMAZE these days, love her 4 life…Her duet on The Voice was GORGE as well.

    I don’t really see what the problem is. It goes to show she’s not emaciated, and average. The dress is a little tight, but so are a lot of the clothes gay men wear.

    You forgot to mention that she performed a Celine Dion classic beautifully and that the performance is currently in the top ten on the overall ITUNES chart.
    Anyway, you should be ashamed of yourself. You’re a homosexual and you support the It Gets Better campaign as well as other organizations for gay rights yet, you (YES YOU!) perpetuate negativity. How do you expect positivity to come to causes you support when you support this trash and negativity? If a beautiful woman like Christina continues to have this kind of stuff written about her, I wonder what the average woman at home must feel about their body issues. This mentality and these cycles won’t ever end because of people like you. You’re disgusting.

    Is this for real??? No one told her not to wear this? LOL why not

    OMG she looks Fatty in this pic LOL 😀 😛

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