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!! OMG, where’s smellovision when you need it? John Saint-Denis’ gay candle ad !!

I want this man’s impossibly perfect life. I want his apartment. I want his landscaper. I want his towels. I want his pecs (momentarily NSFW). Hell, I just want him. But do I want his candles?
(via Towleroad)

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    Damn! Where he can be? Oh yes, I´ll use the candle´s light to find him *.*! So smart!

    If this were me it would be one glade plug in and some axe spray and call it a day.

    What a monstrous ad! So tacky. And that music. OMG indeed.

    thank you for this French vid.I view it again and again because,least, you are free
    to daydream

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