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!! OMG, who does it better? Harvard baseball team vs. Weho gaycelebrities !!

Harvard’s baseball team is the second set of attractive young men to take on Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe,” breaking out their synced lips and choreographed moves for the camera (above). But who does it better, the ivy league boys or the porn stars and backup dancers of the West Coast that grabbed our attention two weeks ago? You tell me.




    Well I’m going with the baseball team b/c they will probably actually grow up to be something in life other than some washed out porn star back up dancers who will probably burden the tax payers by living at the free clinic.

    Wow! Harvard team is synchronized and HOT!!! I vote for them – shirtless gays are a dime a dozen 🙂 (maybe I have a thing for straight jocks)

    The porn stars and go go boys clearly dance better, but the straight boys are a helluva lot more fun to look at.

    I just wanna know, did the harvard boys get their idea from the first video?

    They can’t really be compared. Youth and innocence is completely different from a New York scene poss. Both quite enjoyable though.

    Yawn. How surprising. The tired old queens pick the straight jocks. Like it matters anyway, as none of the guys in either video would give any of you a second look.

    I wonder if anyone has tried to call the number in the we ho video to see if it is really a working number for one of the bois…..

    They are very different. I liked both.

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