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!! OMG, free music: ‘Taking It All Back Now (Austerity Measures)’ by Betty Burke !!

Lo-fi country-rockers Betty Burke have released a free four-song EP called “Taking It All Back Now (Austerity Measures).”
Full of catchy hooks and evocative vocals, this EP is also true to its name:

“No Drums No Masters!” It’s not an ideological slogan- it’s a sign of the times. Musical austerity measures. Forgo the rehearsal space and cars that real drums require, and just lay it down with some cheap beats from a rented drum machine. As usual, the songs are all based on true stories. Low Budget- even lower than last time! But rich with imagination.

Download “Taking It All Back Now (Austerity Measures)” at Bandcamp.
And read the liner notes here.

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