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!! OMG, gossip: Lindsay Lohan gets gun-happy (again) in new photos !!


OMG, are Terry Richardson's photos of Lindsay Lohan holding a gun to her head shocking or irresponsible? Either way, he's taken them down from the web [jezebel]

Kelly Osbourne apparently went into meltdown mode after he brother was diagnosed with MS [evil beet]

Natalie Morales is throwing a big ol' middle finger at the Today Show [dlisted]

...And speaking of Today, Joe Manganiello broke out his best stripper moves for Ann Curry [socialite life]

OMG, new album details from the always gorgeous Mika [arjan]

What's better than a Giorgio Armani model? A Giorgio Armani model underwater [oh la la]

Oh hey, Colin Ferrell is still a thing [kenneth]

After an abysmal showing with "Dark Shadows," Tim Burton is back with a new trailer for "Frankenweenie" [popbytes]

OMG, where's a time machine when you need one? [towleroad]

Dr. Ian Smith has all the answers about "The Truth About Men," which he says reveals "The Secret Side of the Opposite" [celebrity cafe]

The world will officially end after an episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" airs with a cameo from Oprah [amy grindhouse]

OMG, guess who tops the list of most egregious Emmy snubs? [after elton]

If for some reason you've decided to finally kick that Doritos habit and get fit, here are 10 things you should know [double viking]

Celebrity couple alert: James Franco and Amanda Seyfried [allie]

When you marry a prince, your family can rightfully expect a few perks, right Kate Middleton? [celebitchy]

Chuck Norris is prepared to ass-kick the gays out of the Boy Scouts if he has to [tabloid prodigy]

OMG, today's fantasy man: Hunter Parish [berry]

Because this list was necessary? The 30 richest DJs in the world [joe]

OMG, gossip: Sean Avery flashes his buttcrack for the camera
OMG, gossip: Kim Kardashian talks teenage sex
OMG, gossip: John Travolta is a "gentle, but very passionate" lover
OMG, gossip: For the record, The Advocate is not folding
OMG, gossip: Victoria's Secret hos are finally in trouble

» posted by Phillip on Wednesday, June 27, 2012
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Those pictures of Lohan are incredibly irresponsible and rather sick. It also shows that she continues to suffer from a lack of judgement for even doing them. The photographer should have known better, and so should she.

P.S. Norris can go f**k himself.

» posted by Eko | June 27, 2012 10:06 PM

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