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!! OMG, hot day, hot guy: Shahar Roth !!

Meet 21-year-old model Shahar Roth. His place on the Israeli Hotness Spectrum is rivaled only by the country’s Miss Holocaust Survivor beauty pageant.
(via oh la la)




    There are better looking Israeli men. Who are less blond, hairier, and less vapid seeming.

    He has a severe case of “gay face”. There are dozens of better looking guys in Israel than this tool.

    the guy is not real!!!he’s really uniqe and special!!!
    I love his hairless strong arms…
    wish to see more of him

    Meh. That’s all.

    He is gorgeous!!!OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    More VIDEOS plse.


    Tel Aviv -here Icome!!! LOL

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