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!! OMG, “I needed some help”: Whoopi Goldberg’s passion project !!

You’d think if Whoopi Goldberg wanted to make a movie, she could simply cut a check and be done. Not so says Whoopi Goldberg. The “View” host told IndieWire that she’s financing her directorial debut on Kickstarter — the online crowdfunding source — because “I have limited funds. I have family. I take care of a lot of people on one check. So I needed some help.” Goldberg hopes to raise $65,000 for her documentary on Moms Mabley, the door-opening female comedian who found national fame in the 1960s. Mabley died in 1975, leaving behind 20 comedy records and a legacy that paved the way for people like Goldberg. “Moms was the first and without her there probably would not have been a Totie, a Joan, a Kathy, a Wanda, or any of the others who may follow.”




    Yeah, you see, they only spend other people’s money. Never their own. Don’t give her a dime.

    My hart bleeds for her. To dam bad. Get off the fence and do something.

    celebrity net worth dot com estimates her net worth at $45 Million. I ain’t giving her a dime to come up with $65,000. If she takes care of SOOO many people that she can’t come up with $65,000 on her own – then she’s BAD with her money!!!! She probably gets $65,000 per episode on The View! WTF?!?! Oh no girlfriend, you can count me OUT on this one. How outrageous, seriously.

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