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!! OMG, is ‘A-List’ canceled? Yes says Reichen Lehmkuhl !!

According to its biggest star, Reichen Lehmkuhl, Logo’s “A-List” will not be returning for another season of washed-up dreams and bad dye jobs. Sadly. The reality celeb tweeted “The A-List New York will NOT be back. Official word. So long boys. What a long, strange, trip that was. Xo -Reich” before later adding via Facebook, “Logo said, ‘[they] are changing directions. A-List isn’t a match for that direction.’ Take that for what it means to you. On to new and exciting things for me. 🙂 xo.” That “changing direction” appears to be away from gay-centric programming toward more mainstream concepts that would allow the network to better compete with Bravo. But, don’t worry, RuPaul’s Drag Race won’t be going anywhere.
(via Out)

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    That is excellent news. I had to stop watching it due to extremem nausea induced by the unfortunate “stars.”

    Glory hallelujah! Both editions of this sad show did more to advance an anti-gay agenda and set back people’s opinions of gay people than any Republican could ever do. These vacuous, preening queens were a complete embarrassment to watch and I’m gad they’re gone.

    The douchiest show on TV. I tried to get through a bunch of episodes to give it a chance but couldn’t stop cringing. It made me hate my own kind.

    It was still on the air???

    and i should be upset why..?

    Please LOGO, please check your programing…needs changes to attract viewers. See your competition.


    Nooooooooo!! I loved that show—and the Dallas one too. They should bring that show back with an A-List West Hollywood.

    Ding, Dong, the bitchiness is dead!

    good. was just another horrible show. with all characters i despised.

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