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!! OMG, taken too soon: Erik Rhodes is dead !!

Gay adult film icon Erik Rhodes passed away in his sleep at 5:30am this morning, reportedly due to a heart attack. A frequent and public user of bodybuilding drugs, predominantly steroids, the 30-year-old Rhodes’ final tweet (who thought we’d ever be saying that, “final tweet”) hauntingly hinted at his untimely end: “I’m waiting until I pop. Or my liver fails… which ever comes first.”
(via Joe)

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    He deserves to be dead…too good looking!

    “Only sinners become better men”, maybe it was time for a new life and he will come back a happier man the next time around…


    Gone too soon? Really?

    Never understood why people are willing to risk their life, just to have a nice body (You CAN work on your body without!).
    What a waste…

    It might sound cold, but it’s hard to muster sympathy for someone who knowingly abused their body so much. Still, he was someone’s son, and thoughts go out to his family. Just say no kids, just say no.

    This isn’t untimely. The prick was abusing his body.

    second young porn actors demise SAD

    RIP Erik

    Sad, never seen him in action but saying ‘meh’ to someone dying young–looks like he isn’t the only dead person.

    Very sad indeed. He knew something was about to happen.


    this is not altogether surprising. erik rhodes has been battling all kinds of addiction problems for a few years now.

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