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!! OMG, time’s up! Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are splitting !!

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, but TomKat was found on the side of the road today… apparently hit by the divorce truck. And after only five years! As if that were a coincidence, because you know Tom Cruise is alleged to contract his wives for five-year terms. So, who will be next?

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    chilled sorry i came off as an ass, hope u had a Great weekend!!!

    His relationships with women never last….

    Chill, Rebster. We unfortunately aren’t sitting at our computer 24 hours a day waiting to approve your comments the moment they come in. It sometimes takes a few minutes or hours. Have a great weekend. xo Frank

    Well I guess that Tom C and John T will have more time together maybe check into a Spa

    so um u posted a whole slew of more stuff, but not my comment? was it because ur facts about Tom contracting his wives is in fact just plain wrong?

    tom was married too Mz. Kidman from 1990 too 2001 that’s just a tad bit longer then a 5yr contract you alluded too. just saying……

    good god! has it only been 5 years? i guess it just felt like a lifetime.

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