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!! OMG, today’s must-watch moment: ‘Let’s Have A Kiki’ !!

This video for the Scissor Sisters‘ “Let’s Have a Kiki” is basically the moving-picture equivalent of an everything bagel. RuPaul, John Cusack, Bea Arthur, Raquel Welch, Sharon Needles, and Bill Cosby all make an appearance. Oh, and Cher. And John Travolta. AND Jamie Lee Curtis. See? Everything.
Please note: This is not the official music video, but a promotional video made for the Boston queer party Videodrome.

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    Thanks Emil, we’ve added a clarification to the post. xo Frank

    Actually this isn’t the official music video. It’s from a party in Boston called Videodrome. The logo is at the bottom on the right. The video is going viral though! Even Jake tweeted it just the other day!

    Actually this is the video created for the party Videodrome that happens every month in Boston. Apparently it’s going viral!

    Chile, that was fucking PRICELESS! Do the ‘children’ even know the nostalgic value of this video? Great edit.

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