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!! OMG, when keeping it real is oh so right: Nina Simone !!

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Late jazz singer and civil rights activist Nina Simone was known to use music as a political weapon but, in at least one instance, she also used a deadly weapon as a weapon.
In this 1999 interview with BBC program HardTalk, Simone recounts the time she tried to shoot a thieving record label executive at a restaurant in Switzerland. “Sorry I didn’t get him!” she told the interviewer. “And that’s how I met my lawyer because my lawyer read in The Financial Times that I pulled out a knife in Switzerland and tried to kill somebody who stole my records and he said, ‘Anybody who’s willing to go to that length to get their royalties I want to work for ’em!'”
Watch the clip here.




    a number of years ago, i had a boyfriend who once worked at saks in new york. according to him, it was towards the end of the day and they were getting ready to knock off when a security call came in. apparently, what happened was that nina simone was shopping there and, for some reason, had pulled a knife on one of the sales girls.

    Are you seriously glorifying the fact that a woman pulled a knife and tried to kill someone? The way this story is presented is irresponsible and highly disturbing.

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