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!! OMG, you bettah sing, b*tch: Beyonce gets some help covering Whitney !!

Yeah, Beyonce’s tribute to Whitney with a performance of “I Will Always Love You” that melts into “Halo” is great and all (and it really is), but WHO is the lady with all the crazy one-liners? She’s the real star, with quippy comments like, “You bettah sing, bitch,” “Yes, Nippy! Let the Lord use you, gurl! Let him use you muthah!” and my personal favorite, “Yo, if she says ‘Whitney we can see your halo,’ I’m done. If she says that I’m f*ckin finished.”
(Thanks, Kevin!)




    This is hysterical. If these 2 bitches were behind me, I’d be screaming at them to shut the F up.

    I am in tears!!! LOLOLOLOL and it’s even funnier reading it out loud.


    That’s crissle and MissJia.

    Um, I am a black woman, and I thought the comments written below the video were a JOKE made by the blogger. I was trying to decide how I felt about the cultural/racial/gender implications of his/her humor.
    It didn’t occur to me for one moment that a person was really saying those words. However, those were ACTUAL comments by a real person at the concert.
    Wow. That was HILARIOUS! I’m still trying to reconcile the sincere references to God and the colorful use profanity in the same sentence.
    That woman needs to provide commentary for EVERYTHING I watch for the rest of my life. She needs a tv show because I would watch every day.

    That woman is QUeen @MissJia!

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