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!! OMG, gossip: Baba Wawa says don’t you mess with this !!

Oh snap! Barbara Walters schooled George Zimmerman by refusing to take his call on-air during today’s episode of The View [jezebel]
Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s new Scientology movie, “The Master,” has Oscar all over it, so long as Tom Cruise doesn’t bring it down first [evil beet]
…And speaking of Tom Cruise, will he have to take a paternity test? [celebitchy]
Prince Harry has yet another blonde girlie on his arm (and probably other body parts) [dlisted]
OMG, best watch ad ever??? [kenneth]
Two words: Naked Olympians [oh la la]
…And speaking of athletes, check out the ten hottest Olympians of the past ten summer games [after elton]
On a non-sassy note, celebrities react to the horrific movie theater shooting in Colorado [socialite life]
This duo gives a new meaning to the term “hair band” [arjan]
OMG, Chris Brown‘s top 10 most shocking moments (a difficult list to narrow, certainly) [celebrity cafe]
Wanna see Lindsay Lohan in bed with a porn star? Have at it [amy grindhouse]
Maybe this Wii game isn’t for everyone [double viking]
Who will be Newt Gingrich‘s next wife after Callista kicks it? Snooki [allie]
Now they don’t want you to even smoke outside in San Fransico [joe]
OMG, was Sylvester Stallone‘s son dealing drugs? [tabloid prodigy]
It’s summertime, and Lana Del Ray has a sadness… a lesbian sadness [popbytes]
Also sad: This dolphin carrying its dead baby for days and days [towleroad]
You might not want to follow this link if you have a nut allergy… [berry]

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    The ‘Berry’ link is actually the ‘Tabloid Prodigy’ link.

    The last link with the nut allergy comment links back to the story about Stallone’s son.

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