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!! OMG gossip: Chris Brown/Rihanna relationship on the horizon !!


OMG, rumor has it Chris Brown and Rihanna are getting back together [allie]

Sad realities aside, "The Dark Knight Rises" made $165 million over opening weekend [celebitchy]

Get your goggles, girls [joe]

Don't worry, Nick Stahl is indeed still alive... again [tabloid prodigy]

And, sadly, Amy Winehouse is not [berry]

OMG, what sort of underwear does a man with a 160-pound scrotum wear? [jezebel]

No Doubt performed their new single at last night's Teen Choice awards -- too bad teens don't listen to No Doubt anymore [dlisted]

...Meanwhile, the kiddies do want to as much Zac Efron as they can get [socialite life]

You can make an artificial jelly fish out of rat cells -- who knew? [towleroad]

What, Eddie Izzard isn't on the menu? [kenneth]

Hottie Ryan Guzman is almost enough reason to see the latest "Step Up" movie -- but only almost [oh la la]

OMG, Ralph Fiennes is not looking so fines... [evil beet]

Nadya "Octomom" Suleman says she successfully stripped her way out of welfare. Hey, whatever works [popbytes]

Wait, are there really 10 reasons to love Selena Gomez? [celebrity cafe]

Aww, today is Harry Potter's birthday [after elton]

The new Pet Shop Boys trans roller derby video is epiiiiiiiiiiiic [arjan]

Never open a beer with your hands ever again [double viking]

OMG, who's excited for the Minka Kelly sex tape?! [amy grindhouse]

OMG, gossip: Rihanna and Chris Brown create yet more drama
OMG, she's not answering: Rihanna blasts reporter for asking about Chris Brown
OMG, gossip: Admit it already, Rihanna and Chris Brown, you're back together
OMG, gossip: Elmo's Kevin Clash is in awholelotta trouble
OMG, gossip: Zac Efron talks being cast for gay characters

» posted by Phillip on Monday, July 23, 2012
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I hate to sound cold, but if Rihanna gets back with him she deserves everything she gets.

» posted by Eko | July 23, 2012 4:06 PM

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