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!! OMG, Gumped again: Frank Ocean’s gay love song !!

News flash: someone has made something called ‘Forrest Gump’ that doesn’t suck.
By now you’ve probably read some sort of analysis on the Internet about R&B singer Frank Ocean‘s highly poetic admission to wanting to make it with another man, and although that is certainly a huge story, it shouldn’t distract from the real story which is that his album Channel Orange is Mama’s Gun-levels good. Interestingly, one of its best and gayest songs is named after one of the lamest movies of all time: “Forrest Gump.” It’s an elegant, low-key lament on unrequited love that we can’t stop listening to.
Listen to an excerpt from “Forrest Gump” below or stream the entire Channel Orange album here.




    Actually Taty The funny thing is, he didn’t even write this song & its a reference track for a woman. But since he’s released that letter, people thing he’s talking about his own situation. When in fact in 2011 he released a statement on his tumblr saying majority of the songs on the “Lonny Breaux” mixtape were leaks of reference records & songs that he had no hand in writing. So, do your research before you just place it on “He’s Bi & this songs is about his male lover”, when in fact he didn’t even write it.

    Y’all fail to realize Frank Ocean had a gay song from the the lonny breaux collection mixtape in Day Away he was clearly singing about a dude. True Frank Ocean fans would have known this and had that mixtape a long time ago. Sorry band-wagoners can’t fully understand.

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