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!! OMG, he’s naked: Rob Gronkowski !!

Don’t get too excited. There’s no peen shot of New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski in ESPN‘s The Body Issue, but there is plenty of rippling footballer physique to admire. Follow the jump to see NSFW shots of Gronkowski’s au naturale cover and inside feature.


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    GRONK…damn you r smoking hot!

    Once again ESPN provides their homo-erotic issue. Next issue will feature a bunch of letters from straight guys complaining about all the unwanted and unnecessary male nudity in a men’s sports magazine. Like somehow they’ve managed to avoid all of the homo-erotic aspects of sports and locker rooms all their lives.

    He’d be a 1000X hotter with some hair on that body

    There’s a video from the shoot in which you can clearly catch a shot of his butt and dare I say it, maybe a bit more (though nothing that’s clear over the youtube video).

    The spray painted Hulk fists confuse me, and that puka shell necklace? No. Just, no.

    a great packag I would like to eat

    Damn he is hot…and dumb lol but HOT none the less. Wish that black dot and football weren’t there though! ;p

    In the second pic – why is the color of his legs different from that of his body – was photoshop manscaping 🙂

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