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!! OMG, it's coming: 'Poison' by Kids on TV !!


We're excited to bring you this teaser for the new video from Kids on TV & SIQUEMU (Isabelle Noel): "Poison."

Having collaborated in the past with Boy George and Man Parrish, the Kids had help on their new album Pantheon from Katie Stelmanis of Austra, Shunda K of Yo Majesty, Julie Faught of The Pining, and Reg Vermue of Gentleman Reg. The song "Poison" released on the "Shape-Shifting Mutants" EP features a collaboration between Kids on TV and Isabelle Noel who produced the track under the name SIQUEMU. "Poison" is about the authority of men in our personal lives, families and institutions and how no one has to put up them if they don't want to.

The full-length "Poison" music video will be screened during a special Kids on TV performance this Sunday, July 29 at Sheroes Virtual Season in Toronto [purchase tickets], and then will premiere exclusively on !! omg blog !! next Monday, July 30.


"Poison" feat. SIQUEMU is now available on the "Shape-Shifting Mutants" EP [purchase on iTunes].

Watch the teaser video after the jump!

(courtesy of Blocks Recording Club and Chicks on Speed Records)

OMG, new Kids on TV video: 'Poison'
OMG, new Kids on TV remix!
OMG, new Kids On TV video!
OMG, Video Premiere: Kids On TV's "Poison (City Mix)"
OMG video premiere: 'Navy Brown' by Gentleman Reg

» posted by Frank on Tuesday, July 24, 2012
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