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!! OMG, just give them the gold already: Australian Men’s Olympic swim team !!

Would it be wrong, as an American, to root for the Australian Men’s Olympic swim team this summer instead of my own? Whoever takes home the gold in London, I hope the Aussies at least take home a Sean Cody contract or a calendar deal or something. Because damn.
(via Queerty)

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    I would love to “ROOT” the team as well.. If you only knew what that meant…..

    These boys are really cool.

    Which is why I still call Australia home!!

    Some good reasons to tune in…
    but they’ll have to do more than that to distract me from Matt Mitcham.

    I’ll take one of each please! Though the guy on the far left is really doing it for me. YUM!


    Now that’s definitely a sight to help my Monday go better!

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