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!! OMG, the new ‘Will & Grace’: CBS’s ‘Partners’ !!

Did you know that CBS’s new gay-guy-and-a-straight-guy series, Partners, is a autobiographical story from the producers who created Will & Grace? Yeah, cool, right? Max Mutchnick and David Kohan talk in this behind-the-scenes video about the evolution of their latest project, which premieres Sept. 24.
(via Queerty)

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    This isn’t his first gay role. He’s been in Will and Grace, if I remember correctly. And he’s the hot jock who turned out to be gay in Zack and Miri makes a porno.
    I’m looking forward to the series, if only to support BR! :p

    i love sophia bush.

    From superman to this! Brandon Routh!

    This looks like it is going to be a wonderful and funny show. But, the only thing that’s been running through my mind since I started the clip, is a three-word sentence: “SUPERMAN IS GAY!!!!”

    Looks rather lame, but I’ll probably still give it a shot.

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