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!! OMG, turning the tides of hip-hop: Frank Ocean's coming out !!


"Will rap and hip-hop ever be ready for a successful openly gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender artist? The question has been asked repeatedly ever since Jay-Z and other leading hip-hop artists came out for equal marriage--and explored recently at EBONY--but said nothing about hip-hop's entrenched homophobia. DJ Baker and others in the gay hip-hop movement are cautiously optimistic after Frank Ocean's announcement. 'I'm interested in seeing the reaction of rappers, especially the bigger names like Jay-Z. I hope some of the bigger names will come forward and say it's okay.'"

-- Rod McCullom writing for EBONY magazine on why Frank Ocean's coming out will have more impact than Anderson Cooper's

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» posted by Phillip on Friday, July 6, 2012
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