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!! OMG, understanding Thomas: ‘Downton Abbey’ creator on why the gay character is his favorite !!


“The thing about Thomas, he’s a bastard in a way but it was very, very hard to be gay at that time and a lot of young kids, I don’t think they realize that you could go to prison for soliciting. Not even for doing it but just for making an advance. Soliciting for immoral purposes, so called, and you could go to prison. Every time you tried to make a pass or pick someone up, you were taking your life in your hands and most people would brush it off today but you never know and in those days people knew they had the power to make big trouble for you so, for me, that makes [Thomas] a sympathetic character. It doesn’t matter how WASPish he is. You have a kind of fundamental sympathy for someone who’s making their life against those kinds of odds and that’s why he’s one of my favorite characters.”

(via After Elton)

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    It would have been great to have allowed him to have at least one complete hook up!

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