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!! OMG, wedding bells? Anderson Cooper might be getting married !!

Believe what you will from the pages of the National Enquirer, but the tabloid is reporting that Anderson Cooper and longtime boyfriend Ben Maisani are planning a wedding. The rumor goes that Coopy and his gay-bar-owning beau want to get married in New York as soon as Labor Day. If indeed it’s true, expect to hear confirmation of the nuptials from Anderson himself in roughly five years or so.
(via Towleroad)

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    What does every gay person need to find their look a-like to he their partner. Why does everyone with money get the best looking gay lovers. I hope Romney gets elected and screws all of this gay marriage..I am gay and I AM BITTER…but truthful.

    Lets take it easy on Coop, it may take him awhile to get to things but eventually he gets it done. Plus I happen to love looking at Anderson and maybe we”ll get some sexxy wedding or honeymoon pictures. I would love to see him in a tight speedo or nothing at all.

    Anderson is ANDERSEN fairy tale writer to me
    He makes me dream sweet erotic dreams

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