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!! OMG, today’s anatomy lesson: Peen shapes explained !!

Want to know why your dong-mc-schlong is shaped the way it is? Well, now you know.

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    But the foreskin forms a seal which holds in natural lubricants produced by the vaginal canal. @Ryan1987: The foreskin retracts from the glans during an erection. By one study some 99% of intact men can fully retract their foreskin by age 18.

    @Ryan1987, You need to brush up your female anatomy. At the internal end of the vagina is the cervix, a barrier that separates the vagina from the uterus. There is a hole in the cervix since semen has to get into the uterus and menstrual fluid needs to pass as well as the baby, but it is normally very small…certainly smaller than the head of the penis. It is also plugged with mucus that semen must dissolve in order to pass through.
    Thus, when you thrust in, any fluids in there will reach the cervical cap and flow backwards, get caught by the coronal ridge, and get pulled back out of the vagina.
    And yes, the foreskin does cover the glans, but you are forgetting that in siding into the woman, the skin of the penis drags against the labia, getting pulled back and exposing the glans.
    This is a well-studied phenomenon and it is common across many species, including many insects. The male penis has functionality to remove the sperm of previous mates. That’s why in some species, the penis breaks off after copulation in order to plug the female and prevent other males from inseminating.

    What I realized this morning was that if this is indeed true – then women were not made to be monogamous anymore than men were made that way. Is monogamy against the natural evolution of our species?

    No, it’s designed that way to look freakin’ hot, because God loves cock as much as you do.

    I call bull shit, if there were already semen in the female, the act of intercourse would push the already present fluid further into the birth canal. Especially since the glans of many uncircumcised men remain covered by foreskin when fully erect. Though his conjecture that the penis goes flaccid immediately after ejaculation to prevent the new sperm from being removed seems to be the more likely for the design of our anatomy

    Actually that makes a lot of sense. Thanks.

    I’m glad to hear I won’t get pregnant from my next gang bang. Seeing that all those frenums will be pulling out the goo from by butt hole from the previous boys.

    I believe he misspoke. He said a man usually goes flacid within half an hour, and I think he meant half a minute.

    that was stupid but kinda funny

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