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!! OMG, pick a favorite part: Graphing Meryl Streep’s career !!

You gotta love a good infographic, especially when it maps the artistic genius of one Meryl Streep. Do you have a favorite floating head? Three of my top picks all occupy the Cold/Frivolous quadrant, which I’m sure says something about me that I’m choosing to ignore.
(via BuzzFeed)

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    omg her hair!

    serious / warm – out of africa

    What’s the big deal about Streep? All she does is make faces and do pretentious dialects and accents.
    I find her intolerable to watch! Everyone else in her movies is better than she is. Geez! Let’s focus on an actress who really can act, like Diane Keaton, Vanessa Redgrave, Julie Christie or Anne Hathaway! They’re all much better than Streep.

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