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!! OMG, if you ‘Believe’: Ella Henderson covers Cher like you’ve never heard Cher before !!

Ella Henderson is a name you’ll want to remember, if you aren’t already watching this season of UK X Factor. For her latest performance, Henderson has done the seemingly impossible — completely reinterpreted Cher’s “Believe” into a modern ballad, one that even Cher herself got behind. The star tweeted her approval with, “work Done …Went on Utube 2 c young girl sing Believe! Tears came 2 my eyes! So Touching! a Great version of a Great Song.WE Can Share It !”
(via Towleroad)

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    @EdWoody – Exactly my thought. Adam Lambert did this in one of the audition rounds of American Idol.

    Great idea, but horrible singer. Find a note and stick with it for a few bars, ok?

    Didn’t Adam Lambert do this first?

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