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!! OMG, Róisín Murphy releases “Flash of Light” single !!

Roisin Flash of Light.jpg
Róisín Murphy‘s single with Luca C & Brigante, an Italian production duo known for their beach-y Balearic Ibiza beats, is now available for your purchasing pleasure. “Flash of Light” will reportedly be included on a forthcoming collaborative EP that will also feature the ex-Moloko singer covering a 1969 song by the Italian pop diva Mina.
Here is what Róisín had to say about the inspiration for “Flash of Light” in a recent Facebook post:

When a friend of mine introduced me to the music of Luca C & Brigante I was stuck with an apocalyptic feeling, as if I were listening to the sound of a party at the end of the world. And with such strong imagery coming to mind I was only too happy to write with them when they asked. ‘Flash of Light’ is about that last night on earth, a forewarning of the end of an era and a last chance to Love.

Listen to “Flash of Light” below or buy it via Beatport.

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