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!! OMG, does it get any gayer? UK X Factor’s Rylan Clark !!

UK X Factor took a page from American Idol and cast its own Adam Lambert — only Rylan Clark, while nothing-if-not theatrical and gayer than a glitter cannon at a pride parade, doesn’t quiiiiite have the chops that propelled Lambert to the top of the charts. Like not even close.
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    Nicole reminds me of a Kardashian and the other judge is right, his vocals stink and all the make-up and costumes in the world cannot hide it.

    Maybe he can actually sing, but this was WAY too low for his range. Props for mixing some Groove Armada in, though! (Girl needs to tone down the makeup, though.) And sweet attitude – kindness goes farther than people give it credit for, right??


    Come on people this guy can’t sing for shit. Who does his costumes, Grace Jones circa 1976?
    I’ve seen better acts in North Dakota gay bars.

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