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!! OMG, gossip: Britney Spears hates the Simon Cowell/Carmen Electra relationship !!

Um, why? Rumor has it Britney Spears is in a “jealous rage” over Simon Cowell and Carmen Electra hooking up [allie]
This again: According to some study out there, peen size does matter [jezebel]
Everyone’s talking about: Emma Watson may very well be the world’s new Kristen Stewart [evil beet]
A man of the people: Jay-Z took the subway to his show at the Barclays Center over the weekend [dlisted]
You should be singing: “Give It Up” by Chrissie Hynde and Annie Lennox [kenneth]
Alternately: You could also give a listen to Pandora Boxx‘s new single, “Nice Car! (Shame About Your Penis)” [popbytes]
Scary hot: The American Horror Story Asylum trailer looks all the better for including an Adam Levine cameo [oh la la]
Need something scarier? Check out the top 10 horror movie villains [celebrity cafe]
At least his name’s not Amanda Bynes: Ben Affleck hit a car… and left a note [socialite life]
Getting it wrong: Esquire names Mila Kunis the hottest woman of the year [amy grindhouse]
Jason Bourne, duh: Who tops the list of the 10 hottest movie spies? [after elton]
For the frat boys: It really is amazing all of the things you can do with a beer can [double viking]
Introducing: Singer/songwriter Tony Oller and rapper/lyricist Malcolm David Kelley are together MKTO (formerly called Role Models) [arjan]
Unsurprisingly: Chris Hemsworth looks good draped on furniture [celebitchy]
It’s time to move: San Francisco was named America’s best city of 2012 [joe]
Ring on it: Jack Osbourne married his longtime girlfriend and mother of his child, Lisa Stelly [tabloid prodigy]
Today’s random hottie count: 28 [berry]
“So the f*ck what?”: Sally Field on gays getting married [towleroad]

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    Hmm.. maybe Britney has a feeling for her boss?

    Wait, Jack Osbourne spawned an offspring? I thought surely there were laws against that.

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