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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, his butt: Kevin Ryan !!

How likely is it that shows with a high nudity count cast actors based on the desirability of their butts? I’m sure Kevin Ryan is good at his job and all, but the actor’s bare bum in BBC’s new series Copper would, at least to me, appear to be his best-selling quality. See what I mean in the NSFW stills from the show after the jump.

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    Who? Come on.Butt is Butt unless the guy is really famous. At this point whos ass haven’t we seen.
    I prefer peen of course, famous or not. But I guess if you ain’t got peen you just so butt.


    Oh my, he’s adorable and has a very nice butt.

    Now THAT’S an ass! Who gives a fuck if he’s famous. An ass is an ass, and that ass needs it’s own flag and anthem!

    Hot ass

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