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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, his butt: Matthew McConaughey !!

In the neo-noir comedy-thriller “Killer Joe,” Matthew McConaughey plays a charismatic psychopath drunk on his own power — but what’s really killer in the film is McConaughey’s butt. After the jump, see NSFW stills from the movie, in which McConaughey straddles a man…while holding a gun… while naked.

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    I think I see the tiniest amount of balls too in number 4

    i do believe that you can see his junk in the 4th photo….

    damn he’s a fine mofo.

    Unfortunately, I suspect his balls in #4 are “socked” because in #3 you can see the top edge of that sock covering. You can see it’s “secured” (probably with double-sided tape or whatever they use for pasties and so forth) against his upper groin area, just at the top of his thigh.
    One of these days these hot, male actors will man-up and show us the goods. But at least this is the step in the right direction for Matthew. I figure “Magic Mike” helped his insecurity about being naked on the camera.
    Too bad all those years ago when he was arrested in his own house for partying too loud and found naked, playing the bongos, and smoking weed for a fully-clothed man on his sofa that no one took pictures or video taped it.

    I’d eat that butt raw!!!

    I think his butt use to be fatter

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