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!! OMG, gossip: No, Dolly Parton isn't into ladies !!


Alrighty then: Dolly Parton wants you to know she is not a lesbian [allie]

Inked: Adam Lambert got quiiiiiiiite the tattoo on his arm [towleroad]

Black jumpsuit: It's being called Kim Kardashian's best outfit ever [celebitchy]

Speaking of Ms. K: Would you call this photo fat? [popbytes]

Dancing With Your Ex: The top ten DWTS couples [celebrity cafe]

Tonight? Pop duo Timeflies has a new video for "One Night" [arjan]

Does he small like he looks? Shia LaBeouf's girlfriend broke up with him [evil beet]

Always that adorable: A picture of Emma Stone in elementary school [amy grindhouse]

Because we're doing this now: Milking [dlisted]

'Tis the season: Jimmy Fallon and Rashida Jones offer up a holiday medley [socialite life]

Today's hottest hottie: Superman [kenneth]

Having a good hair day: Dimitris Alexandrou [oh la la]

Having a no-eyebrow day: Jared Leto [tabloid prodigy]

But what's Clay Aiken doing there? Dr. Oz discusses ex-gay therapy [joe]

In case you missed it: RuPaul selected a winner for Drag Race All-Stars [after elton]

YES! Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes is working on a show for NBC about late-19th-century New York [jezebel]

True or false: "The Walking Dead" is the best zombie franchise ever [double viking]

Aw, he's sorry: Angus T. Jones on bashing his show, Two and a Half Men [blemish]

OMG, gossip: Kirstie Alley addresses the John Travolta gay rumors
OMG, gossip: Kristen Stewart is over being a Twitterwhore
OMG, gossip: Matthew Mitcham is your new favorite author
OMG, gossip: Ben Affleck is still a bitter Betty about JLo
OMG, seriously? Amanda Bynes had yet another car incident

» posted by Phillip on Wednesday, November 28, 2012
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