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!! OMG, drumstick microphone: ‘It’s Thanksgiving’ !!

I’ve tried to resist posting Nicole Westbrook‘s “It’s Thanksgiving” music video (because it’s a legitimately painful song to endure), but it seems I’ve been left behind. No doubt Nicole is the next Rebecca Black, which means we can expect to see her pop up in a Katy Perry music video sometime soon.




    There should be a law against this type of stupid. She “sings” this song like it’s some big hit, and it’s the most moronic thing I’ve ever seen in my life. She’s worse than Rebecca Black, and that’s saying something. The only good thing that has come out of it is Ross Matthews’ mockery of it on Chelsea Lately, with his song Leftovers.

    i’d be offended if i was the only one asked to dress in a turkey suit and eat ribs at a thanksgiving dinner video shoot.

    I think she needs to take a ride on the hot tamale train…not. Ha ha. So awful but at least she’s giving it a go.

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