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!! OMG, he does the Mobot… in his Speedo: Tom Daley !!

If there’s one thing it’s impossible to overdose on, it’s seeing Tom Daley in his itsy-bitsy Speedo bikini. Here the famed British Olympic diver is showing us how to do the Mobot, made famous by fellow Olympian Mo Farah. When you’re done, feel free to press play again. I know I did.




    Once question: where the hell is his penis? His package is so small it’s virtually a hole.

    Nick – Apparently you’ve never heard the expression, “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. I think he’s gorgeous, I’d love to have him, exactly as he is!

    Tucked in, baby!

    Soooooo cute! A grower not a shower mmmmmm

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