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!! OMG, he’s naked: Jeremy Jackson !!

Baywatch fans (or fans of Celebrity Rehab, for that matter) will be glad to know that Jeremy Jackson takes it all off for Logo’s new scripted drama series, DTLA. After the jump, see NSFW stills from Jackson’s sex scene — although, sadly, there’s a naked woman involved, despite all of our dearest hopes that Hobie would group up to be gay.

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    Jeremy is a great guy. He could hang out with him and just do guy stuff, watch girls, play pool, and you will have a buddy to count on for life.
    he hut a rough patch, bounced back keeping his integrity and dignity and his big fat cock.
    go buddy go!

    Nice peen

    Waxed chest/torso and a 5 o’clock shadow: it’s the 21st century mullet.

    He’s a total brown bag special. What happened to his face.

    Thanks Jeremy!! More full frontal pics please!!! 😀


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