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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, his peen: Juliano Cazarré !!

You could ask why Brazilian actor Juliano Cazarré went full frontal for a photoshoot with photographer Diego Bresani — but does why really matter? The point is that after the jump you get to see NSFW shots of Cazarré’s big ol’ floppy peen. Thank you, whatever.

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    eeww @ uncut

    Amazing cock! 😀 Would so love to suck it all day, yummy! :p

    Yes, uncut. Cause in Brazil we don’t like penis with scars.

    You know uncut are how penises are suppose to look right? Most European and South American men are uncut.

    Jed: eeww @ idiot who doesn’t know what normal penises look like

    nothing more BEAUTIFUL than a big UNCUT latino cock

    I prefer cut but I’m not a squeamish little girl about it. Also, I don’t want to shock anybody but, I’m a gay dude and I like looking at “big old floppy peen!”

    that is soooo hot! love a guy who’s not shy and has a sense of humor

    Yum. I love alllllll cock buttttt i also prefer cut cocks they look hotter dan uncute. Love how the head looks like.

    I like this guys intact peen better than his face.

    Nossa que pinto gostoso….eu gosta de comer pinto com minha boca

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