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!! OMG, in precise inches: How long is Olly Murs’ peen? !!

British singer-songwriter and TV presenter Olly Murs recently revealed to Heat magazine the exact measurement of his much-discussed bulge. Find out what he said after the jump…
[via after elton]

5.2 inches. Whomp whomp.




    So, totally average?

    Is this flaccid or erect? Because flaccid it’s whatever, but erect it’s kind of sad…

    5.2 is plenty. honestly all the size queen faggots make me sick

    Gay guys who call others queens or faggots for having differing opinions tend to make me sick.
    Either check your internalized homophobia at the door or stop projecting it on others.

    I wouldn’t say no to that.


    I agree with anonymous in dismissing Chuck. An average cock is a lil’ over 6 putting almost everybody between 5-7. And repeating anonymous’s term “make me sick” when he was using the terms “faggot” and “queen” (which EVERYBODY uses to describe someone who wants a big cock)was just childish on your part Chuck. Anonymous is not projecting internalized homophobia but rather calling you out on being judgmental and vulgar. Please post a pic of your cock to show why you can have such an attitude….

    Shannon, enough with the trolling. I’m saying this with a smile and i’m hoping the staff here at omgblog will see that you always post such ridiculous comments. He’s within the average size and there’s no reason to be negative. I recommend that you do your research before posting absurd comments. In the mean time, move along please.

    I’ve never heard of Olly Murs before this. Where have I been? How have I missed the discussion about his bulge? But most importantly, why does anyone who isn’t playing with it care how long his dick is?

    Please grow up, Shannon.

    6+ is avg, rofl…stop believing A4A, Manhunt profiles as proof because you’ve clearly had no great experience with the male memeber….5.2 is nothing to be ashamed about and old dick will do….virgins be packin yo…

    7.8 Cause that is what I need inside me! Merry Christmas

    Bet he is 5, Looks like he has a small one!

    My guess would be a good size pair of ballz in Olly’s briefs.

    Well I wouldn’t say no to that! It’s what u do with it and who it belongs to that count. I say…yummy nom nom 🙂

    I would totally waist my time, too bad size queen!

    5 inches is average people. The only thing is, most men do not admit their REAL cock size. Most men add, on average, 2 inches (or more, in some cases!) to their REAL dick size.

    well shannon wants only disgusting excretory organ what waste of time shannon must be.

    it doesn;t clarify if he said 5.2 inches flaccid or erect …hmmm

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