!! OMG, it was bound to happen eventually: Burger King now delivers !!

Have it your way… at home! That’s right, Burger King is slowly rolling out a plan to incorporate home delivery service into its fast food restaurants. Despite an 83% drop in profits this quarter — or perhaps because of it — the royalty burger chain is experimenting in a few of its mid-Atlantic and southern Florida locations with bringing hot burgers and fries to customers where they are at their most comfortable: on the couch. That is, for a small delivery fee. The latest hub to try out the new policy is in Miami, where the company is based. If all goes according to plan, expect to see Burger King stores even more empty than they already are.
[via time]

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2 Comments on "OMG, it was bound to happen eventually: Burger King now delivers"

  1. and people getting fatter -_-

  2. Or they could just stop making food that tastes like feces. But this is a good idea too, I guess.

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