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!! OMG, Jack wants a girl to sit on his face: Tyler & the twin[k]s !!

This plaid-shirt verbal three-way is entirely hashtag/cute/adorbs/blush.
I lorrrrve Finn and Jack from JacksGap, and Tyler’s lisp is so cutsie I want to nudge him with my peen-jabber. Especially when he says “tits” and “hits”.
Tyler teaches the lads a select few terms from his gay-cabulary:

“Tyler: What is a bear ?
Finn: Fat gay people
Jack: Old gay people”


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    There are a lot of good ways to tell someone you want them to sit on your face, but I think,
    “I’d like to taste that spot between your ass and your balls”. is the best way. That sort of says it in no uncertain terms.

    Good looking kids but… meh. Too much. Too planned out.

    I got 43 seconds in. Insufferable.

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