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!! OMG, Jack wants a girl to sit on his face: Tyler & the twin[k]s !!

This plaid-shirt verbal three-way is entirely hashtag/cute/adorbs/blush.
I lorrrrve Finn and Jack from JacksGap, and Tyler’s lisp is so cutsie I want to nudge him with my peen-jabber. Especially when he says “tits” and “hits”.
Tyler teaches the lads a select few terms from his gay-cabulary:

“Tyler: What is a bear ?
Finn: Fat gay people
Jack: Old gay people”





    I got 43 seconds in. Insufferable.

    Good looking kids but… meh. Too much. Too planned out.

    There are a lot of good ways to tell someone you want them to sit on your face, but I think,
    “I’d like to taste that spot between your ass and your balls”. is the best way. That sort of says it in no uncertain terms.

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