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!! OMG, they’re naked: Thure Lindhardt and Zachary Booth !!

Did you ever end up seeing “Keep The Lights On,” Ira Sach’s sexually charged chronicle of two men in New York City twisting through a decades-long relationship? No? Well then you missed two very important things: Zachary Booth‘s peen and Thure Lindhardt‘s low-hangers. (And I do mean low.) See stills from those NSFW scenes in this year’s breakout gay movie after the jump.

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    Actually, the low hangers belong to Zachary Booth. Thure is not fully nude at all.
    And prove it, Poindexter! =D

    Mine are bigger and hang lower.

    The guys in the second and third pictures are not the same guys that are in the first picture.

    They’re both Zachary Booth.

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