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!! OMG, Cabbage-paatch baatch: Kale Klothes !!

Wow, this girl's a hungry lady-pal; leave her alone in the red room and she'll start eating her own clothes within the hour. She does some kind of kale goddess sequence and then plays a bock choy batting game with herself. She's only BEAN in the red room for like 5 minutes and she's BROC-SHIT CRAY-CRAY!

OMG, making them EAT IT: Michelle Obama introduces Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell to KALE CHAPS
OMG, they're chillin' by the fire while they're eating fondu: Franco does Bieber
OMG, HARLEM Shake that ass, watch yourself: The Real Harlem Shakers show us what they are working with
OMG, how cute: Wrestling red panda babies
OMG, our life is complete: Jennifer Hudson sings Sylvester and shares the stage with Latrice Royale

» posted by Duncan Alexander on Friday, December 28, 2012
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