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!! OMG, "F_ck that Bitch Brandi": Kim Richards' [as LeAnn Rimes] Holiday Survival Guide !!

OMG, "F_ck that Bitch Brandi": Kim Richards' [as Leann Rimes] Holiday Survival Guide [kenneth]

Chihuawheels at the front: Beebee is Wheely cute [without shoulders] [dlisted]

Frank Ocean releases 'Wise Man' [towelroad via pitnb]

Djangay Unchained: Katt Williams Claims Jamie Foxx is Homo [queerty]

Tomy Hardly: The first look at Tom Hardy in Mad Max? [celebitchy]

BAM-A-LAM!: Bruno Fernandes for Junior Magazine [ohlala]

Top 5 Christmas Elves [celebcafe]

Florence Welch
is turning off The Machine [for a wee while][popbytes]

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom 'One And One' Remix [Arjan]

I hope they have a playtime scene with the corgis: Queen Liz's 3D Christmas Speech 3xtravagaaanza [jezebel]

Tamagotcha: Holiday Gift Guide, 90s Flahback Edition [socialitelife]

RihannASS New Tattoo [#instant_stoner_regret] [evilbeet]

"Barackin' Around the Christmas Tree" [afterelton]

Blohan is Pissed about the Scary Movie 5 Trailer. No, it's not about her blocking the drains in her movie trailer again, it's the other movie trailer, the one you watch [unless you happened to watch Lyndsay blocking the toilet when it happened] [AmyG]

British Bishop Likens Gay Marriage to Nazism [joemygod]

Aussie DJs may be Charged for Right Royal Prank [tabloidprodigy]

JLO's Touchdown-der: Jennifer Lopez plays Football Fundraiser [blemish]

Shit Gamers Say...[doubleviking]

OMG, Goes to the Swingpark Yoda does: French Bulldog in a swiiiiing
OMG, A very Kartrashian Khristmess
OMG, Martha gets the turkey lurkey: Salmonella Supriiiiiise!
OMG, Rubber Duckie in a Big ol' British Bath
OMG, Kim Kar-Krash-Ian's PUSSY shrivelled up and died: RIP Meoowrcy

» posted by Duncan Alexander on Monday, December 24, 2012
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